Posted on 01/10/2021

Migratory Monsters

Sandra Del Rio Madrigal

Migratory Monsters Series


“Visions of Monstrosity,” October 26 at 10AM MST / 12PM EST / 7PM CET

Migratory Monsters – Visions of Monstrosity Panel Discussion
Institute of (Im)Possible Subjects
Session #4: Migratory Monsters
October 26 10AM MST / 12PM EST – Visions of Monstrosity Rebecca Close, Kakyoung Lee, Sandra Del Rio Madrigal Facilitators: Annie Isabel Fukushima and Dalida Maria Benfield Migratory Times Center for Arts, Design & Social Research
Acephale Sonnets
The Acephale Sonnets wriggle through and against instances of reprogenetic identification with the human face; and wriggle towards experiences of disobedientidentification; for example with a headless monster; a movement without a leader; or queer and antiracist social reproduction that inches at its own pace.The accompanying visuals were generated by feeding a series of images of ceramic shapes through two algorithms: one that recognises faces and one that recognises landscapes.

Over the course of last decade or so, I have focused on the overlapped and accumulated layered lines of daily images that I capture from my personal daily surroundings.As anAsian American artist, a person of color who haslived in the states for more than 20 years, I carry a deep pain in the fact that a part of my identity is unseen and invisible. I want to reveal each tedious mundane movement in everyday life. I am interested in finding non-historical monotonous moments and making the moments visible on screen, which is constantly appearing, changing, aging, disappearing, and repeating on the same screen. Employing these time-intensive, repetitive and meticulous techniques, I often make hundreds of drawings and prints to make a few minute-long animations. I work with prints and moving image installations, focusing on the figurative or abstract lines and silhouettes of everydayness that are reflected from personal daily surroundings -the different geographic and culturalmilieus through which I have lived and passed and the travels between my two home countries, South Korea and the United States. In this panel discussion, “Vision of Monstrosity” I would like to share some of my previous moving images that reflect the theme ofthe migratory subject,being unseen and invisible — Kakyoung Lee

Kakyoung Lee: Walk – 2009
Click through to watch video on Vimeo. 2009 HD Animation 16:9 Conte/Graphite on Paper B/W Sound 3min.
Kakyoung Lee: New York-0110
2010 HD Moving Image Projection on Mylar Graphite on Paper B/W Sound 1min 12sec. loop
Kakyoung Lee: The Crossing Series
2012 50 sec. excerpt from 3 Channel Syn Projection Installation B/W Sound

In addition to the previous works, I would like to share a couple of recent works that reflect a sense of anxiety and threat caused by the recent pandemic situation and global warming — Kakyoung Lee

Kakyoung Lee: Smoke Series – 2
2019 120 Charcoal drawings on paper, b/w, no sound, 2min This animation was created based on a youtube clip about the underwater volcanic eruption in Hawaii in 2018.
Kakyoung Lee: Another Uncanny Day
Click through to watch video on Vimeo. 2021, Graphite on Wax paper, B/W, Sound It's based on the video clip I captured on my patio during the lockdown in New York. It's a rainy day in April 2020, when the highest death rate from covid-19 was recorded. It's made with wax papers I had at home for cooking.
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