Geographies of Displacement, a panel discussion in Los Angeles

at land's edge

Geographies of Displacement was a panel discussion organized by at land’s edge in conjunction with the Migratory Times project of the Institute of (im)Possible Subjects. It was held at the Los Angeles Municipal Gallery, on Dec. 15, 2016. The event brought together for discussion six anti-gentrification groups across East and South Los Angeles: the Crenshaw Subway Coalition, Defend Boyle Heights, North East Los Angeles Alliance, LA Tenants Union, School of Echoes, and Uplifting Inglewood. In the gathering, groups shared their organizing work, contextualized the specific ways in which gentrification is taking place in their neighborhoods, and addressed how the role of the culture industry opens communities to speculative real estate practices. They considered how practices of solidarity can develop into a city-wide movement against unjust displacement.