Translating Geographies of Displacement, a workshop in Copenhagen

Institute of (Im)Possible Subjects

Translating Geographies of Displacement

A workshop organized by Jane Jin Kaisen and Dalida María Benfield

Convened by Migratory Times, the Institute of (im)Possible Subjects, For More Than One Voice, and at land’s edge

Dec. 9, 2016 12 – 15:00

Sorte Firkant
Blågårdsgade 29 A-E, 2200 København N

How are migratory voices being heard? And where? Who has the right/space to speak? How are we, collectively, responding to the politics of voice in relation to current restrictions on being able to inhabit space and to voice/speak? Sharing ideas and knowledge in multiple dialogical modes, among others a collective performative reading and a cartography of our shared situated knowledge, this workshop will reflect on spaces and rights; displacements and resistance.

This workshop was conceived as a conversation with Geographies of Displacement, held in Los Angeles on Dec. 15, 2016, organized by at land’s edge, an autonomous pedagogical platform based in East and South Los Angeles. at land’s edge nurtures the voices of cultural producers who are committed to social transformation.

Geographies of Displacement asks: How might the gentrification that is taking place in Los Angeles be historicized within legacies of colonialism and related to processes of displacement taking place globally?

We ask: How do these ideas translate to the geographies of our displacements and to the contexts of Copenhagen?

The discussions that emerged from Geographies of Displacement and Translating Geographies of Displacement contributed to Migratory Times, a translocal architecture constructed by the Institute of (im)Possible Subjects to facilitate artists’ projects, research, and dialogues on migration and displacement. Over the course of 2016-17, Migratory Times facilitated learning circles in collaboration with artists, researchers, and local communities as well as through virtual networks.