Women in Migration Handout

Women in Migration

Damali Abrams, Dalida Maria Benfield, Annie Isabel Fukushima

This is an interactive workshop. The goal is to share the videos created at this workshop on vimeo. If you choose to have your work / interview / story shared, please sign a media release. The vimeo video will be an important affirmation of the multiple ways, all of us, the participants of “Women in Migration,” witness stories of migration.

Part 1: We are all story tellers (25 minutes)

We are all storytellers in migratory times. While you are the speaker, everyone else takes on the role of the listener.

Think about a story of migration in your life. Share with the listeners the story of migration. Be specific. What were the events, the people, the place(s), time, and other aspects that are important in this story. Take 4 minutes to tell your story to the listeners.

Listeners listen with intentionality and a deep commitment to hearing the speaker’s story. Listen for an important quotable moment to you. This is, a moment in their story, where their exact words resonate with you. Write down the quote as they are speaking on the paper provided. Or write words from their story that are meaningful to you. And/or draw an image that comes to mind as they are telling their story. Listener, ask the speaker before they start telling their story: would you like to be recorded? If they say yes, turn on the camera and begin recording.

Part II – Finding Connections (15 minutes)

Discuss as a group: what were the connections across your varying stories? Why did these quotable moments in another person’s story speak to you? Brainstorm a video that will connect your stories together. Imagine this video to be less than 3 minutes. For example, everyone could read their quotes. Or, read the quotes and show the drawings. Or show the drawings only and read the quote as you film the drawings. Or do a collective interpretive dance that connects your quotes, stories, and/or images.

Part III – Documenting (15 minutes)

On the provided camcorders make your video. We invite creativity, risks, and a will to share.